Tradition and innovation

The Origins

Sile S.p.A. Thermoidraulic Appliances Industry was founded as long ago as 1945 in the Via Garbizza workshop in Treviso thanks to the intuition of Primo Secco, father of the current President of the Company, Sergio.

Sile was founder of the Associazione Industriali in Treviso. A plaque bears witness to this event which marked the beginning of growth in post-war North East Italy.

The Company has contributed to the birth and development of the concept of heating in Italy and has always managed to read the social and market requirements, supplying continuous innovations and state of the art products.

Innovation as Core Business

The history of Sile is dominated by two main themes: technology and alternative energy, with the manufacture of environment-friendly products.

Sile has developed advanced technology for the manufacture of stainless steel, employed in the building of a wide range of domestic hot water storage tanks.

In the field of alternative energy, Sile presented the first solar collector for the production of domestic hot water in the seventies.

The range of energy-saving products continued with the great wood-chip-fuelled boilers and the small double furnace duplex boilers for wood and diesel oil.

The Beginnings

The Company started out by producing water heaters fuelled by wood, electricity and gas.

The Fifties

Production expanded with marina boilers, steam generators for industrial use, water-raising systems and the first gas boilers.

The Sixties

Sile caught the eye of fellow companies with the Silta, the first boiler for central heating systems which combined the production of domestic hot water with temperature control.

The Company then went on to intensify its production of pressurised boilers.

The energy crisis stimulated the production of solar collectors and solar storage tanks.

The Seventies

Stainless steel technology was developed with a wide range of tanks.

The Eighties

With the widespread use of methane gas and the development of independent plants, Sile was the first company in Italy to produce the MS boiler, wall-mounted with stainless steel tank, creating a new niche in the market.

The Nineties

The Company added new construction methods to its great tradition in the metal* industry, in order to produce a vast range of stainless steel tank or instantaneous electronic gas boilers.

In the new Millenium

Today, the whole production is aimed at obtaining the best results in terms of efficiency and safety, with gas boilers which observe the strictest European requirements.

New condensing technologies for the recovery of the latent heat in the fumes and the consequent achievement of extremely high efficiency, work alongside the traditional boilers and combine with alternative energy systems to trace the route to future development.


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