Future is (clean) energy

The use man makes of the planet’s available energy resources will determine his fate.

In order for man’s future development to be sustainable, i.e. able to guarantee favourable living conditions for future generations, traditional energy resources must be used rationally and alternative renewable sources of energy must be exploited.

The total Sile range has been conceived to provide a concrete solution to these problems:

  • gas boilers capable of providing maximum efficiency with minimum pollution;

  • corrosion-proof stainless steel, extremely easy to recycle;

  • heat pumps

  • solar collectors and tanks to exploit the sun’s energy.

The wrought iron sundial created in the tower of the administrative headquarters by the famous Treviso-born sculptor Tony Benetton symbolises the Company’s commitment to the environment. Today, faced with the huge problems posed by pollution, the value of this commitment has been enhanced and represents the main guideline for future development.


Wenkel S.r.l. con Sile offers a qualified and comprehensive technical support service through its authorized service centers .